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LS Instruments is committed to supplying the latest developments in light scattering technology to a continuously growing number of customers worldwide.  We are experts for:


This instrument performs microrheology and particle sizing based on the novel optical technique.  Suited for DWS


Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (DWS) 


This instrument performs DLS of highly concentrated samples based on modulated 3D cross-correlation technology.Suited for DLS


Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)


This is the most advanced light scattering instrument on the market. It performs DLS and SLS at a range of scattering angles from 8 to 155 degrees.Suited for



One of the fields of expertise of LS Instruments is static light scattering.


We offer a range of innovative products which harness these technologies to deliver high quality measurements of  your samples.  We also offer services such as consulting, a state-of-the-art application laboratory and workshops on light scattering. Through LS Instruments our customers have access to the leading experts in the field.


New Application Note


DWS Microrheology of Aqueous Polymer Solutions


               October-01 2015


Manuscript just accepted!


Congratulations to M. G. Herrera and co-authors on their latest scientific publication using the 3D LS Spectrometer:

Self-assembly of 33-mer gliadin peptide oligomers


           September-08 2015


Exchange Rate Adjustment


As a consequence of the appreciation of the Swiss currency, we have adjusted the prices across the range of all our products to counterbalance this effect. We will continue to ensure that our customers receive excellent quality and value when ordering from LS Instruments.


                      June-19 2015