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LS Instruments is committed to supplying the latest developments in light scattering technology to a continuously growing number of customers worldwide.  We are experts for:


One of the fields of expertise of LS Instruments is static light scattering.


We offer a range of innovative products which harness these technologies to deliver high quality measurements of  your samples.  We also offer services such as consulting, a state-of-the-art application laboratory and workshops on light scattering. Through LS Instruments our customers have access to the leading experts in the field.


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LS Spectrometer

have been released!

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Nov-21 2014


New scientific publications


We are very proud of the many publications in leading journals that are based on scientific results obtained with our instruments. Take a look at the latest releases.


                       Oct-14 2014


Next upcoming event


46th IFF Spring School 2015 in Jülich, Germany


The goal of this Spring School is not only to teach selected topics from soft matter science and

biophysics to students and postdocs in physics,

chemistry and biology, but also to establish the

interdisciplinary connection between these fields. 


                       Nov-18 2014