Cooperation Projects


EU Cooperation Projects

  • Infrastructure Project: EUSMI
    LS Instruments is a proud partner of the EUSMI network. EUSMI provides the community of European soft-matter researchers with an open-access infrastructure as a platform to support and extend their research, covering characterization, synthesis, and modeling. EUSMI aims to enhance the European competitiveness in soft-matter research and innovation through the integration and the extension of the scope of existing specialized infrastructures. A full suite of coherent key infrastructures and the corresponding expertise from 15 top-level institutions are combined within EUSMI, accessible to a broad community of researchers operating at different levels of the value chain, including SMEs and applied research.Access is offered to infrastructures covering the full chain of functional soft-matter material research, ranging from advanced material characterization by a full suite of specialized experimental installations, including large-scale facilities, chemical synthesis of a full set of soft-matter materials, up-scaling of laboratory synthesis, to modeling by high-performance supercomputing. The existing infrastructure will be continuously improved and advanced by Joint Research Activity (JRA). 


CTI Projects Switzerland

  • University of Applied Science and Arts:

   Institute for Pharma Technology

  • University of Fribourg:  

   Soft Matter Photonics Group



CTI Start-Up Label


LS Instruments has been awarded the prestigious CTI Start-Up label!


LS Instruments has been awarded with the prestigious CTI start-up label