Scientific Publications 


The following scientific publications are based on results obtained with an instrument produced by
LS Instruments. This list is by no means complete.



LS Spectrometer for DLS and SLS:
Selected publications 2009


Structure, Dynamics, and Rheology of Colloid-polymer Mixtures: From Liquids to Gels

M. Laurati, G. Petekidis, N. Koumakis, F. Cardinaux, A. B. Schofield, J. M. Brader, M. Fuchs, S. U. Egelhaaf

J. Chem. Phys., 2009, 130, 134907.


Low-temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Anatase TiO 2 Powders from Inorganic Precursors

M. Tasbihi, U. L. Štangar, U. Černigoj, K. Kogej

Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2009, 8, 719-725.


Nondiffusive Brownian Motion of Deformable Particles: Breakdown of the “Long-time Tail”

S. Roldán-Vargas, M. Peláez-Fernández, R. Barnadas-Rodríguez, M. Quesada-Pérez, J. Estelrich, J. Callejas-Fernández

Phys. Rev. E, 2009, 80, 021403.


Some Mechanistic Insights into the Gelation of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Sol

S. Nagarkar, A. Patil, A. Lele, S.Bhat, J. Bellare, R. A. Mashelkar

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2009, 48, 8014–8023.


Surface Fractals in Liposome Aggregation

S. Roldán-Vargas, R. Barnadas-Rodríguez, M. Quesada-Pérez, J. Estelrich, J. Callejas-Fernández

Phys. Rev. E, 2009, 79, 011905.


Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Functional Electrosterically Stabilized Colloidal Particles Prepared by Emulsion Polymerization Using a Strongly Ionized Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer

P. S. Mohanty, H. Dietsch, L. Rubatat, A. Stradner, K. Matsumoto, H. Matsuoka, 

P. Schurtenberger

Langmuir,2009, 25, 4, 1940-1948.


Hazardous Potential of Manufactured Nanoparticles Identified by In Vivo Assay

J. Valanta, D. Drobnea, K. Sepcic, A. Jemecb, K. Kogejc, R. Kostanjsek
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2009, 171, 160-165.


Stability of Emulsions for Parenteral Feeding: Preparation and Characterization of O/W Nanoemulsions with Natural Oils and Pluronic f68 as Surfactant

M. Wulff-Pérez, A. Torcello-Gómez, M.J. Gálvez-Ruíz, A. Martín-Rodríguez

Food Hydrocolloids, 2009, 23, 4, 1096-1102.


In Vivo Screening to Determine Hazards of Nanoparticles: Nanosized TiO2

D. Drobnea, A. Jemecb, Z. Pipan Tkalec:
Environmental Pollution, 2009, 157, 157–1164.