Tracer Particles for Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy


Transparent samples do not scatter light and thus they would usually not be suited for Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy. However, in most cases one can simply add tracer particles to obtain a scattering sample well suited for both the DWS RheoLab and ResearchLab.  Scattering is most efficient, when the size of the particle is close to the wavelength of the scattered light. Furthermore the particles should be monodisperse and spherical. 


Latex tracer particles suited for DWS microrheology.


Latex (polystyrene) particles

Latex particles are suited for most aqueous samples as well as a wide range of other systems and are thus for most applications the first choice. Particles can be ordered directly from:

MagSphere Inc


MicroParticles GmbH

both suppliers offer a wide range of sizes at different concentrations.