The LS Spectrometer:                                    
Dynamic and Static Light Scattering for powerful        Particle Characterization


The LS Spectrometer is among the most sophisticated instruments available for particle characterization based on static light scattering (SLS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS). Its modular design and manifold options allow custom configuration resulting in an optimized solution for your specific research area. The most popular configuration is our famous 3D LS Spectrometer.


Performs advanced DLS & SLS to obtain hydrodynamic radius, radius of gyration, molecular weight, form and structure factor as well as second virial coefficient. Offers unmatched range and precision of scattering angles. 


Prominent features include:

  • Dynamic and static light scattering at scattering angles from 8°-155°
  • Detector mounted on a fully automated and motorized goniometer with an angle resolution better than 0.01°
  • Particle characterisation from 0.15 nm to 5 microns*: hydrodynamic radius RH, radius of gyration RG, size distribution, form and structure factor
  • Determination of molecular weight
  • Proprietary software interface for automated measurements and data analysis
  • Automated particle sizing using Cumulant fit and CONTIN analysis


  • Straightforward procedure for robust alignment with excellent long-term stability
  • Precise temperature control
  • Nonergodic sample characterization using sample rotation stage (optional)
  • Depolarized light scattering for measurment or rotational and translational diffusion coefficients (optional)
  • Confidential online support forum for all customers


*maximum range, sample dependent


To make these complex measurements as simple as possible LS Instruments has designed a robust user-interface that allows fully automated measurements and analysis of the results! Easy to use software packets such as the LSI Zimm Plot software make data treatment a matter of only a few clicks. 


The user interface for the 3D LS Spectrometer


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