LSI UltraLab

After several years of development LS Instruments is proud to announce the release of a new instrument in its product line, the LSI UltraLab. The UltraLab combines the well-known Small Angle Light Scattering (SALS) technology with the capability of performing Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). The measurements are performed simultaneously which results in a significantly enhanced precision. We call this technology DSALS. It allows the measurement of scattered intensity and intensity correlation functions as a function of the scattering angle. 

The UltaLab is based on the Dynamic Small Angle Light Scattering Technology that enables precise measurement of particles from fractions of a micron to mm sized particles.


Design Principles

Traditionally SALS covers an angular range roughly spanning from 0.1° to 10°. On the other hand, traditional static light scattering (SLS) covers the range from 20° to 150°, hence leaving the range between 10° and 20° inaccessible to common light scattering techniques. The range between 10° and 20° is however scientifically very interesting since it corresponds to probed length scales that cover the upper-end of the colloidal domain. While developing the UltraLab we have engineered the detection optics with the goal of increasing the largest angle. Thus closing the gap between the two technologies. By choosing a special set of lenses and optimizing their arrangement we were able to extend the standard camera based SALS range up to 18°. In order to further lower the smallest probed length scale we adopted a blue laser with a wavelength of 473 nm.


Main Features

  • Laser power control: 4 orders of magnitude intensity change
  • Sample temperature control: 10°C to 60°C
  • Standard rectangular cuvettes: 1-3 mm optical path length



Measurement Type:

Static & Dynamic Light Scattering


CMOS Camera

Accessible Angular Range:

0.1° to 18°

Accessible q Range:

3.1 · 10-5 nm-1 to 4.6 · 10-3   nm-1

Laser Wavelength:

473 nm

Laser Power:

40 mW

Fastest Correlation Time:

22 ms