New: NanoLab 3D

Dynamic Light Scattering in extremely  high particle concentrations


The NanoLab 3D is the most advanced instrument for DLS measurements. Specifically for highly concentrated samples the precision is unmatched.



The NanoLab 3D is now available for order. This compact DLS instrument for particle sizing is based on the groundbreaking 3D modulation technology

Traditional DLS instruments require high dilution of samples to avoid adverse influence of multiply scattered light which results in false particles size measurements, without ever warning you that the results have a huge error! 

Our patented 3D modulation technology efficiently suppresses multiple light scattering and therefore sample dilution is no longer required for most samples (see application note on "Particle Sizing in Highly Scattering Samples"). Combined with the ergonomic sample chamber design of the NanoLab 3D this allows a high through-put of measurements. Not only will it improve your sample characterization, but also save you precious time.


Prominent features include:

  • Advanced DLS particle sizing
  • Applicable to diluted as well as  highly concentrated samples
  • Particle sizing from 0.15 nm to 5 µm radius
  • Temperature range: 4° to 85°*
  • Monitors time-dependent processes
  • Compact and robust design
  • Online support for all customers
  • The NanoLab 3D conforms to ISO 22412


* Climate controlled room at or below 23° C required to meet these specifications





The ergonomic design allows easy loading of the DLS samples.


LsLab Software

While Dynamic Light Scattering is a widely used particle sizing technology in many fields of science today, many users are not aware that DLS measurements are not fail-safe. A survey conducted by LS Instruments revealed that a majority of DLS-users were potentially making critical mistakes when using DLS based instruments. This could often result in significant errors the users were totally unaware of.

For this reason we developed the LsLab Software with an intuitive interface that guides the user step-by-step through a DLS measurement and gives precise information on the validity of the results. Combined with the modulated 3D technology that is implemented in the NanoLab 3D you now have every reason to trust your results.




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