Application Laboratory


In our application laboratory we characterize samples upon request. We measure:


Dynamic and Static Light Scattering (DLS/SLS)


Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy


  • Mean squared displacement

  • Loss and storage moduli

  • DWS particle size


Please download our sample submission form to request a sample measurement:

LS Instruments will contact you within a few days after submitting the signed form to discuss

details of your specific sample. Please do not send any samples without previous discussion.


Our characterisation methods

Multi Angle Dynamic (DLS) and Static (SLS) light scattering:

  • Our multi angle DLS/SLS goniometer system guarantees high angle resolution and sizing accuracy 

  • Measures hydrodynamic radius RH and radius of gyration RG

  • Sample turbidity: only for transparent samples

Light scattering with suppression of multiple scattering:
Modulated 3D cross-correlation spectroscopy (3D DLS/SLS)

  • Extension of the standard multi angle DLS/SLS technique to turbid samples. Multiple scattering from turbid samples is suppressed by performing two modulating light scattering experiments simultaneously

  • Sample turbidity : from transparent up to t < 100 cm-1

Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (DWS)

  • In "Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy" the light propagation in turbid samples is described by a diffusion                equation. The main constraint of the method is a strong sample turbidity. Transparent samples                       may be measured by adding tracer particles

  • Range for the particle size: from 50 nm to 10 micron

  • Sample turbidity : from about t = 10 cm-1

  • Transmission and backscattering geometry